It is no surprise that adventure travel companies are rushing to the Internet to market their trips and services. If you are a tour operator, chances are you are using the Web to showcase your products and services and take brochure requests online. Travel customers tend to surf the Internet looking for trip brochures and ideas, making the travel industry one of the groups best suited to do business on the Internet.

Travelroads provides an online platform for travel destinations to list and distribute brochures. Travel enthusiasts request free brochures from desired destinations from the comfort of their home.

Travelroads provides a unique solution to increase travel destinations’ marketing response while controlling costs. The lead-based marketing cost structure provides complete control of the travel destination’s online advertising budget. Marketers only pay when someone requests one of their listed brochures through the Travelroads directory.  The results are guaranteed. There are no set-up charges, no monthly fees or other hidden costs.

For more information, please visit the Travelroads official website or call (800) 476-3340.

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